Exchange 2010 OWA Issues – Blank Pages – flogon.js

 In MS Exchange 2010

Recently I went to use OWA, on an Exchange 2010 box, which was days away from going live, and I noticed that OWA wasn’t working.

It displayed a blank page and IE / Firefox / Opera showed errors with the page :

Syntax error
at line 6 character 1.flogon.js
Code: 0URI: 


After a lot of looking around, I drew the conclusion that one of the Exchange Rollup Packages was the cause. Users have been experiencing this issue with Exchange 2007 as well. This is poor !

I found this forum topic where the issue was being discussed.

I decided to take the most simple approach to solving this, using the experiences from users in the above topic. My server wasn’t live, so this approach was fine. In a production environment, it’ll have to be done out of hours.

  1. I opened “Programs and Features” from the control panel and clicked “Uninstall” next to Exchange 2010
  2. Exchange goes into Maintenance mode – Clicking next takes you to the Roles screen
  3. I placed a checkbox into the “Client Access Role” so that it was not selected – Click Next
  4. The install searched for the ExchangeSetup.msi file – I popped the original CD in and browsed to this
  5. I clicked next to uninstall the role – drastic you may think. But it works and isn’t too bad for the server.
  6. When finished I browsed to C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV14ClientAccess and deleted – OWA, AutoDiscover, Sync and ExchWeb
  7. I then restarted the server
  8. After the restart I did exactly the same as above, other than place the check back in the box – to install the CAS role
  9. Then I restarted the server

OWA worked fine, 1st time, no issues at all

I hope this helps some of you.

It seems that new subfolders are created each time a rollup package is run, within the OWA client folder, which denotes to me that the files are being updated / replaced. Installing the CAS role from scratch sets up the OWA / IIS settings, with new details and uses the latest files.

That’s my take on it anyway

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