Installing Ubuntu 11.04 Server on Microsoft Hyper-V

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Hi All

I had to install Ubuntu Server onto a Hyper-V virtual machine today.

I started off with version 10.04 using the instructions detailed here

and it worked OK, other than the fact that it crashed at one point, it was hard to restart and gave a few storage errors on boot up. It may work for other people, but I decided that I wanted to try a newer version.

so I tried Ubuntu Server 11.04


also using the instructions detailed in Ben’s blog above.

This version went on without a hitch and I followed Ben’s instructions to the T.

as I am a fan of Ubuntu, and have tried REDHAT and SUSE under Hyper-V, which is more complicated, I’m glad I tried this. It worked very easily.

I can’t obviously take any credit for this. I’m simply stating that Ben’s instructions worked perfectly for 11.04, following ALL the steps detailed.


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