Anti Virus Anti Spam Email

One of the services that we supply is an AVAS Service.

We direct all your email through our AVAS servers, which filters out unwanted emails. These will include:

  • emails with viruses within them
  • emails which have blacklisted domains against them
  • emails which match algorithms which say they are spam
  • emails which match against online SPAM databases

The filtered emails are stored in quarantine and can be release if a customer so desires.

Prices start at £2 per mailbox per month.

We Offer Three Levels Of Email Filtering

  • Gold – Anti Virus AND Anti Spam filtering – £3.25 per mailbox per month
  • Silver – Anti Spam filtering – £2.50 per mailbox per month
  • Bronze – Anti Virus filtering – £2 per mailbox per month

Our pricing is a simple per month charge.

Information on our pricing can be found here

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