Product Code : BRWH

Binary Royale Hosted Websites

We actually offer two services in this area

  • Website Hosting – You supply the website and we host it for you on our high specification HP webservers
  • Website Design – We can build you the framework, using WordPress, for a website which you can manage and maintain

and obviously we can offer you BOTH; we can build it and host it

Website Hosting

Provide us with your website and regardless of the format and code it’s written in, we can host it.

We have a full suite of webservers and we’re 99% confident that your site will run. We can hosts sites designed for:

  • Windows running IIS
  • Linux running Apache
  • Linux running Nginx
  • and sites requiring MSSQL, mySQL or postgres databases

Website Design

We’re not in the business of writing websites as we’re not designers – however

We do know how to bring WordPress websites online, which is an industry standard CMS (content management system). This means that you can fill them very easily with content. If you like our website, this is a wordpress site and you too can have something similar, without much technical prowess.

We can get you started with a 5 page basic build and provide you with some technical help so you can continue with it, should you wish.

To find out more about our website design service or website hosting send us a message using the form below

or simply give us a call

  • 01332 890 460