At Binary Royale we have Cisco qualified engineers who are experienced in specifying, configuring and trouble shooting data networks of all sizes, using Cisco equipment for the SME market.

Whether you are setting up an new office or data centre network, upgrading your old systems or are having trouble with your current configuration, Binary Royale are able to help.

As part of our consultancy services we can perform an audit of your existing network infrastructure, making recommendations for change, or help you design a new system, recommending the required hardware and procuring it for you.

Design and documentation

  • Design the physical network you need to meet your current and predicted future business requirements
  • Incorporate network redundancy into the design where required
  • Design a logical, hierarchical IP address structure, for easy maintenance and simple layer 3 routing
  • Provide documentation including diagrams of the physical connections between devices, and the logical data flow


  • Configure VLANs to divide your physical network into smaller department or task specific logical areas
  • Configure VPN tunnels to link your physical locations together with encrypted communication
  • Configure firewalls to protect your network from unauthorised access – both internally and externally
  • Configure routers or layer 3 switches to get your network traffic to where it needs to be, and only where it needs to be
  • Configure layer 2 switches so that connected devices only have access to the areas of the network that they are permitted to access
  • Keep configuration in a central version controlled repository, for backup and accountability purposes

These are not exhaustive lists, please contact us if you have any questions



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