We are a VMWare partner with experience in getting the most from virtualisation. We provide a consultancy service where we work with you to tailor VMWare to your business. We have experience in ESXi 4, 5, 5.1 and 5.5 including the configuration  and supporting of VSphere, VCentre, VCentre Operations Manager and VMWare View.

Whether you are installing VMWare for the first time or upgrading your existing systems, we can help by

  • Designing, building and configuring your new VMWare architecture
  • Upgrading existing infrastructure and reconfiguring as required
  • Provide recommendations for getting the best from your existing configuration
  • Procure required hardware and software at a competitive price
  • Document the configuration with any required diagrams detailing the connections between physical and virtual servers

We use VMWare ESXi in our own business, so have seen the results that a virtualised environment can deliver.

If you would like to know more about virtualisation can do for your business please contact us

Lower costs

  • One physical server can be running multiple virtual servers, this reduces hardware costs and space used
  • Lower power consumption as there are fewer physical servers and a lower risk of hardware failure
  • When you have finished with a server, delete it so that there is no “kit” left over
  • Servers can be tailored according to use, adding more memory and hard disk instantly

Lower risks

  • Virtual servers can be fully restored very quickly
  • Revert to a snapshot if you make an incorrect change, reducing risks to the business when doing upgrades or other changes
  • Servers can be setup to the OS level in only 20 minutes

VMWare isn’t just a server virtualisation solution, there are optional add ons that allow you to get the most from your virtual environment and reduce server management task. We have experience with these products and can advise you on what would offer your business the best overall solution. We can also provide you with a demonstration of the different products that are available.


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